Mission Shaped Church

The mission of the Christian church in general is to make people aware of the reality of the love of God, which is expressed in Jesus Christ.  Those who follow Christ join in his ministry to the entire world.  We seek to order our lives according to the teachings of Jesus and to the traditional beliefs disseminated by the church down through the ages.  We meet to praise and worship God, to learn more about our faith, to pray for the world and one another and to share and deepen our faith.  Jesus taught us to love God with all our body, heart and spirit and to love and serve one another.

Churches Together in West Moors

Ecumenical Service in Fryers Field
 Ecumenical Service in Fryers Field

We cooperate with our friends in the other churches in West Moors.  We join together for combined worship and study at various times including Easter, Pentecost and Christmas. We meet on a regular basis to share matters of common concern.  Together we organise the Village Christmas Carol Event on the first Friday evening every December.  The main road is closed and at least a thousand villagers attend - more every year!
The other churches in West Moors: 


Tea and sandwiches/cakes/scones are served for the older generation and all villagers are welcome - to provide a time for socialisation (tea & chat).  This informal group meets in the Church Hall from 3.00-4.30 pm on the second Thursday and is co-ordinated by Mary Keegan and Jan Cribben with helpers (contact through church).

Messy Church

Messy Church Sessions of two hours are run for children and their parents/carers.  These are now run at many churches and attract many who are not into formal church.  See under Activities for details.  Mrs Isobel Dale is our Leader together with a good team of selected helpers.  Craft, Cake, Song & Story..oh and more food!

Men's Breakfast Group

We meet in the Church Hall on the third Saturday monthly from 9am for about 90 minutes for a hearty breakfast and social - which may include a speaker or other input.  Co-ordinators are William Munn and Peter Dunning (contact both through church).   Not allowed to say this, but women are not permitted!


Just as we are encouraged to give a portion of our personal income towards the church, so we give away a portion of church income to assist and support missions and charities in the developing world and at home.  We support 'Fairtrade'.

Alpha Courses

Alpha Courses are an informal, friendly and relaxed way to explore the meaning of life from a modern Christian perspective.  Ten week Alpha Courses are being run throughout Britain and we are pleased to run them on Tuesdays at 7.30 pm at various locations.  We enjoy a meal, watch a 30 minute presentation and then have some discussion.  Meet new friends!  Click here for more information.