Financing Mission and Stewardship

The mission of the church at the local level is financed by its members.  We are a busy and active parish with all the normal staffing and establishment costs.  These are almost wholly financed through the generous giving of church members.  The church has some 175 regular members, who by filling in a simple form become electors of the Parochial Church Council; many more people attend occasionally.  The mission of the church is to offer regular worship to God, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to sustain and care for the community of the faithful. Being a parish church our main focus is upon the village of West Moors but we want to reach out further into the wider world as a sign that we are engaged in the universal mission of Jesus Christ. 

As Christians we believe that we are stewards of the resources, human and financial, that we have been granted by the grace (favour) of God.  How we spend our time and monies matters and we are increasingly aware of how our lives impact on those of others, recognising that ultimately all are children of the family of God and therefore we are accountable for our personal stewardship.  Sacrificial giving of one's time and talents and money is thus part of the Christian Way, following biblical teaching and we are keen and pleased to use your contributions to help bring others into the knowledge and love of God, through Jesus Christ and to minister to all in his name.  If you are committed to Christ then you will wish to express this by giving back to God a portion of what you have received. 

Our Planned Giving Officer Michael Bowler, co-ordinates (in total confidence) all the financial giving to the church.  His role is to organise this so that any tax paid by the giver can be recovered, thereby increasing the value of your giving at no further cost.  We ask you to make a regular monetary offering as part of your Christian commitment.  This may be given through our numbered envelope scheme, or by Direct Debit and should be reviewed periodically as your circumstances allow.  You may of course prefer to give during collections that are taken at Sunday Services.  Thank you. 

Mission Partners and Charitable Donations

We do not ask visitors or guests at other services for monies as we believe that the church should fund itself.  We do however take up special collections for appeals and worthy causes as the Spirit leads.  The church donates more than 5% of its income to charity.  The church normally chooses ten charities to support with sizeable donations.  The charities are selected by a committee of our PCC to represent mission and medical, young and old, home and abroad, recognising the diversity of need throughout human society.  Additionally we support The Children's Society, The Mothers Union and take occasional collections for special causes such as disaster relief.  We are supporting several mission partners at present and have raised monies to fund motorbikes and bicycles for the Episcopal Church of South Sudan in our linked diocese of Yambio and Nazarre.  We are also pleased to be supporting Myra's Wells - a local charity that raises funds to bore much needed drinking water wells in Burkina Faso.

Rachel Munn is a former mission partner who engaged in medical missionary work through Mercy Ships - you might like to review her newsletters. She worked in nursing for two years without pay and needed financial and prayer support which we were pleased to offer.  PS  Rachel has now returned from Liberia and has returned to nursing in Hampshire.     

Rachel at work in Liberia (Newsletters)




Myra's Wells Borehole in Burkina Faso




The New Hall

In 2008 a special appeal for 80,000 was successfully made to our congregations towards completing the funding for a new church hall - planned total cost 283,600.  Over 120,000 has been raised since then with an additional Grant of 20,000 from the Erskine Muton Fund.  The Hall was completed and opened on 16th October 2010.  The Hall is providing much needed modern facilities for church pastoral work, particularly among families and our youth. 

In December 2011 we added a Photo Voltaic solar energy array to our roof and generated 2500kw hours of electricity in our first complete year helped offset our power consumption.  We gratefully received a grant towards half the capital cost from the Erskine Muton Fund.